Fish and Ivory: UKIP’s appalling EU voting record (reblog)

“Of all of the parties in all of the countries in the whole of the EU, UKIP representatives have the worst attendance record, worst voting record and worst work performance of the entire lot.

UKIP MEPs don’t do anything to represent British interests in the EU, they just make grandstanding speeches and claim expenses. On the rare occasions they turn up, they belligerantly vote against every piece of legislation, no matter how worthy, and with no consideration of how the legislation would affect British interests.

All the while they claim expenses, and even, in some cases put their non-British family members on the taxpayer funded payroll.

In this article I’m going to provide two clear examples of how UKIP are an appalling party, that behave in a shamefully unpatriotic way, whilst simultaneously harping on about what a wonderful band of loyal British patriots they are.”


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