Theresa May and expenses scandal. A lie every 30 seconds [VIDEO]

Theresa May factchecked on election expenses

The Prime Minister claims that the Conservative party “complied fully” with the Electoral Commission’s investigation of its election expenses. FactCheck shows that’s far from the full story.

Geplaatst door Channel 4 News Democracy op donderdag 16 maart 2017

“Theresa May gave an interview to discuss her party receiving a record-breaking fine over the Tory election fraud scandal. The Fact Check team went through her answers, and found three lies in just 90 seconds of footage:

We cooperated fully…

May starts by stating that her party “complied fully with the Electoral Commission” (the election watchdog). This contradicts the Electoral Commission’s own report on the scandal which states that “the party hindered and caused delay” to the investigation. In fact, the Electoral Commission says it had to threaten the Conservative Party with High Court action over its refusal to hand over key documents. And even then, cooperation was minimal.”


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