PM Quizzed About Tory Election Fraud

MP Pete Wishart asks PM Theresa May what she knows about the Tory Election fraud.

Election Expenses Scandal. The full report.

The Conservative Party has been fined a record £70,000 and its former treasurer reported to the police following a report by the Electoral Commission into its election expenses.

Election Expenses Exposed

‘Election Expenses Exposed’ is a series of in-depth investigations by Channel 4 News revealing serious allegations that go to the very heart of democracy in Britain.

Election expenses: Conservatives lose battle to block probe

A judge today refused an unprecedented Conservative application to prevent police investigating general election expenses in the constituency of Thanet South.A dozen police forces across England have now been granted a year"s extension to continue their investigations into the Tory expenses scandal, first reported on this programme. At least 30 constituencies are involved.

Did the Conservatives overspend in Thanet South?

A tight fight against Nigel Farage in Thanet: South: Did the Tories incorrectly declare what they spent here?

Gavin Millar QC on election expense laws

QC Gavin Millar - a leading expert in election law with Matrix chambers - talks to Jon Snow about election expense laws.

Election expenses: Michael Crick analysis

Michael Crick talks to Jon Snow about the Tory election expenses scandal and what could happen in the future.